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Smart’s Bite Into The Better Network Campaign: Smart iPhone 5 soon?

We love Anne Curtis and Apple. Smart’s newest campaign just featured both. It’s literally an Apple, not the company that we love *ehem fanboys ehem*. Oh and it’s not just Anne who just took a bite of that Apple.  Derek Ramsay,, Ramon Bautista, Luis Manzano & Cristalle Belo took a bite too. But c’mon guys! I think Smart just teased us of what’s coming and since it’s Apple, I guess Smart is teasing us with the next iPhone. Yep, it’s the iPhone 5. According to some of our trusted and not-so-trusted sources, the iPhone 5 will be launching this Mid-November to December in the Philippines. You can subscribe in this link if you’re curious about that “bite that Apple thing”. Oh and if you look at the URL ( Yeah, 12345. I guess that’s just one of the clues that Smart will be bringing the iPhone 5 very soon. Ahm. Well, that is just my 2 cents. Since we love Anne, Let’s go back to Anne. Check out Anne’s Smart bite into the better network video after the break

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Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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