Who doesn’t like very light phones? Well most featurephones are like that. Who said that the featurephones are already dead? Think again. These are the phones that are really eye catching for holdappers and snatchers. These are also the phones that you can only use for texting and calling only.  Like the DTC Mobile GQ6, the phone that features a QWERTY keyboard and a very light design. Check it out here on my review.

I didn’t expect too much on the phone since this is just an affordable one. The first thing that I noticed with the phone is that it is small and it is light. It’s a very very cute phone since this one has a very vivid color with a small and compact design. Text addicts will surely love this because of the QWERTY keyboard. Typing on it is real breeze. The keys are big enough for you to type fast on the device.

The display is just 1.6” and it is pretty small for today but this one is just an affordable featurephone and it isn’t touchscreen so a 1.6” display is a bit acceptable for me. The phone has Micro-USB on the bottom and a 3.5mm audio jack on the top. Of course, there’s the Dual-Sim inside the phone and there’s Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the phone can only handle GPRS and not 3G.

If you feel that the phone needs more memory for your music files then you have the MicroSD which is up to 8 GB. The battery isn’t the best one but it has a 1000mAh battery, which is enough for more than 3 days of average use.
The camera of the phone is just 0.3 megapixel that can capture images at up to VGA (640×480). C’mon guys. This is just a feature phone not a smartphone so don’t expect too much on the phone.

The phone is running on a proprietary OS but it can run JAVA apps. There’s also Snake, the game that you guys always love on the Nokia.  If you want to browse your Facebook or your twitter, you can use the browser inside the phone.
One thing that I like about the phone is that the lockscreen sound is the same with the iPhone and it shows you clean design of your notifications. Of course, it is not like the same notifications that you can see on your phone but at least, it looks really nice for me.

The phone is just a featurephone that’s why I didn’t expect that much from it because it will only cost you P1,499 and it is available in Black, Red and Blue. It’s cute, it’s colorful and it’s small. A great back-up phone if you already have a smartphone J. Why don’t you check out the nearest DTC mobile outlets and get one now.
Watch out for the raffle of this phone!
Thanks to DTC Mobile for the DTC Mobile GQ6!


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