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How to create your own Globe GoSAKTO promo

I’ve been a Globe user for almost a decade and I’ve been happy with their services and promos especially with GoSakto, a game changing service that lets you customize your own prepaid promo base on your budget. You can control the minutes of call, number of texts and the MB of Mobile Internet. GoSakto was just introduced earlier this year but it seems that everyone is using the service, so why don’t you try it for your self? It’s easy to register and it can help you save up more money.

As a student, I really want to maximize my budget especially on prepaid loads since a big chunk of my allowance is allotted for that. And yes, I already saved a lot of money because I can have a prepaid promo that I can control and customize. So you might be asking why should you use GoSakto? Here’s why:

  • Like what I’ve said earlier, GoSakto is customizable base on your preferred promo and budget
  • GoSakto has much cheaper promos:
    • Unlimited texting for 1 day is P15 at GoSakto compared to P20 of Unli20
    • 1 GB of data per month is P300 at GoSakto while P499 at Powersurf499
    • Combining promos are much cheaper at GoSakto
  • It’s easy to register, you can either use the Facebook App or by just dialing *143# 
One of my favorite GoSakto offer is the unli calls to Globe/TM + 50 txts to all net valid for 3 days. It will just cost you P49. If you don’t know how to register to Globe GoSakto, here’s a step-by-step guide.
1. Dial *143# on your phone
2. Choose GoSAKTO. Choose Create a promo and then pick a promo that’ll fit your needs. I’ll choose Call & Text since that’s the promo that I want.

 3. Since I want Unli calls to Globe/TM + 50 txts to all network then I’ll choose to build that promo.

4. You’ll just choose how long you want the promo to be valid. You can name your promo if you really want to personalize your promo. But of course, don’t forget to register your Globe GoSAKTO promo.

Wait for the confirmation of your promo and voila! You’re done. You are now registered to your personalized GoSAKTO promo. I suggest that you experiment on which promo will fit your needs.  You can also use Globe’s GoSAKTO Facebook app. But of course, you’ll have to confirm your mobile # to the Facebook account that you’re using.  Everybody is on GoSakto now, so why don’t you check it out on your phone via *143# ;).
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