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Tablets and phone are very essential tools in work and in school these days and most touch screen devices use capacitive touch screens. Capacitive touch screens doesn’t recognize most materials compared to resistive touch screens which was use in most touch screen devices back then, it can recognize almost anything which leads to accidental touch of buttons. Like I said earlier, the capacitive doesn’t recognize most materials instead it only recognize our fingers. For some, it will be harder especially those who wear gloves so it is recommended to use a stylus. Fortunately, Euroo got a pen and stylus in one product, Yes that’s Euroo Stylus pen. Let’s check it out.


Personally, I like the design of the Euroo Pen and stylus. The body is made up of aluminum which makes the pen solid and a bit heavy. Yeah, it’s heavy compared to other pens but after an hour of using it, I already got use to it. The design looks professional too and I really love it!. I prefer using this pen rather than using my good ol’ trusty Pilot G-Tech. At the top of the pen is the soft touch rubbery-like texture stylus while at the bottom is the tip of the pen. To release the tip of the pen, you’ll need to twist the bottom part of ballpen. To refill and remove the bottom part of the pen, you just need to twist it too and ta-dah! you can now refill your pen.


I have no problems and I feel comfortable whenever I write using this pen. It isn’t a gel pen but the ink of the pen isn’t bad either. Oh and if you are out of ink, you can refill it. Like I said earlier, the pen looks premium and professional. I prefer to hang my pen in my uniform this way:

That’s the pen stylus on my uniform

The stylus at the top

The stylus? Well I didn’t like it that much but of course, the capacitive screen can recognize it well. The stylus has a rubber-like texture and It was quite good because it is easier to navigate on the devices when it is uneven. The thing that I don’t like about this stylus is that it is very soft, you can even press it like a button. Because of that, it is very hard to draw or write something on the device that you’re using.

Here’s the pen with the white iPad 2
Yep, you can refill the pen
I’m right handed. Not left. Just trying it out haha

The packaging of the Euroo Pen Stylus


I really like the design of the pen. The look and feel of the pen was professional and premium. Businessman and professionals might love the design of this pen. In case you’re out of ink, you can easily refill it which is quite easy. The stylus isn’t recommended for drawing stuffs on the iPad because of the very soft rubber-like texture stylus but it is still usable on the iPads, iPhones or any devices that uses capacitive touch screen. If you want to get one, you can get it at a reasonable price of P449.00. Not bad at all, quite reasonable for a stylus pen like that.
Obama says not bad
Rating: 7.7/10
Ink – 8
Design – 9
Stylus – 6
Total – 23

23/3 = 7.67

Disclosure: Philippe gadgets lend us the EUROO Stylus pen for 2 weeks

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