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Samsung Galaxy Note ICS upgrade with Premium suite

I must admit. I’m a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, Yes I am. But unfortunately I don’t have the enough budget to get one for myself. Anyway, Samsung has a good and bad news for all of you Galaxy Note users. The bad news is the upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy note to the ICS isn’t going to happen this month but it is expected to be release in Q2 while the good news is that the ICS upgrade for the Galaxy Note will come with some premium suite of apps that will take advantage of the S-Pen stylus like the S-note which has some added features and templates to suite your needs, shape match which can automatically correct the shapes that you draw and formula match which I think is very essential for us engineering students. Why?, Because it can derive and understand formulas that you wrote using the S-pen. Other new and upgraded features are the S memo and my story which allows you to write and send greeting cards. Oh and those new features on the ICS will be added on the Galaxy Note too! Quite impressive huh? Check out the video of the new features after the break.

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