EVE online:Quantum Rise the ninth expansion of the Game. EVE online is handled by Mobius games in the South East Asia. Playing EVE online is fun because there are a lot of meteors,planets,ships and others…. Read more after the Jump

Here are some features of the new expansion:

Stackless IO
Vastly outperforming previous network technology, Stackless IO brings reduced latency and faster response to EVE Online. With Stackless IO, the groundwork has been laid for pushing the limits of today’s server technology to new heights.

We’ve migrated our key servers to 64-bit software, allowing the scale of player battles to surpass the previous limit of a few hundred on each side and improving performance in extremely high traffic regions of space.

Opportunities arise in the Tech 2 device market as newly discovered reaction methods yield alternatives to the rare and coveted minerals needed to build high end equipment.

Industrial Ships Get Love
The Orca has arrived, putting a new industrial capital ship in play. Several changes have been made to existing industrial ships to improve balance and tweak optimization.

User Interface Changes
Weapon Grouping automates the simultaneous firing of all weapons at once. Substitute that pew-pew with a massive body blow. Module Recharge Timers allow players to gauge how long before the next activation. Movable HUD gives players even more control over their UI layout.

Speed Rebalanced

Adjustments were made across the board to allow for significant and meaningful difference in speed between the ship classes. More viable ships in battle means more strategy and tactics in combat.

Ammunition Cost Change
50% more bombs per production run with no change to quantity of materials needed to produce. More affordable ammo means more choices in how you want to blow things up, and that’s always a good thing.

New Stargates
Stargates get a facelift as our artists continue to travel the universe looking for various ways to make EVE’s eye candy just that much better.

Improved Travel
Autopilot navigation now has a new Avoidance system, allowing pilots to flag certain systems as “no fly zones” when plotting their courses. New travel routes have also been added in high traffic regions.

Assembly Array Upgrades
New changes and improvements to assembly arrays have been introduced, including an expansion of the range available. Manufacturers of battleships, freighters and industrial command ships get a new tool for their trade.

ETC Secure Trading Evolved
A completely new in-game system that allows you to trade 30 day game time tokens for ISK, the in-game currency, with other players via the EVE market. CCP’s revolutionary approach to enabling anyone to play EVE for a bit of elbow grease!

You can visit the EVE online’s site Here


  1. I don’t know lol. I’ve been busy these past few months so I cannot play EVE . Even Dekaron, I haven’t log in for months. And also my dekaron blog, I haven’t updated it lol


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