Are you a social animal and you always want to be connected and updated on latest happening on Facebook? No worries because the Facebook home is here to replace your boring Android launcher. You don’t need to root, flash or whatever for Facebook home. It’s like an app but brings you a lot bigger experience. Zuck put all the Facebook experience and needs deep inside your phone thru Facebook Home. How? By having the Facebook home three different main features that aims to always get you connected with the latest updates on Facebook. These three different features of Facebook home are Cover feed, Chat heads and notifications

Cover feed

When you turn on your phone, you already see the cover feed. It’s like the lock screen. But with more Facebook in it. It shows you the latest happenings shared by your friends on Facebook. I think it’s a cool feature because some people want to check the latest news on Facebook by not opening the Facebook app. It’s like peeking on what’s new on your Facebook.

Chat heads

If you’re like me who is always talking to friends on Facebook then this is the feature that you might like. So when you’re using other apps like Instagram and then a friend sends you a message on Facebook a chat head suddenly appears on the screen. If those chat heads are blocking your app, you can move it. And yes, you can reply to the sender without switching apps.


Of course this is the first thing that we always check on Facebook, out notifications. Aside from showing the latest feeds on Facebook, the Cover feed also shows you the different notifications from Facebook and other apps. And just like the Android notifications, it’s a tap away to check it and just a swipe away to hide it.

Facebook home will be available to these following devices on April 12 at Google Play:

  • HTC First
  • HTC One (Future)
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One X+
  • Samsung GALAXY S III
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 (Future)
  • Samsung GALAXY Note II
If you want a phone dedicated for Facebook home then get the HTC First. Too bad, there’s no release date yet for the Philippine market. The supported devices is expected to increase soon and Facebook also announced that they will support tablets soon.


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