Ever experience browsing the internet or playing games then just immediately experience lags and disconnections? Well, we all do. We hate that when that happens especially to those people who rely on the internet for their livelihood. Yes, it happens but do you know the things that affect the WiFi performance at our homes.  Well, we will talk about it in our post today.

As a gamer and streamer (Sometimes!), the internet connection is very important to me because a single disconnection in-game can really affect my gameplay and experience and at home, having a very reliable Wi-Fi is very crucial to me as I always use my WiFi on my Playstation 4 or on my laptop. So when I set up my WiFi at home, I always consider these things that affect our WiFi Performance.

  1. Limited radius
    • Here’s the thing with the routers that comes with every internet plan that you’ve applied for. Most of the time is that these routers are not really that great. If you got a big house then expect that this single router that you have might not reach the other parts of your house. Oh and yes, those walls and ceilings do block the signals of your WiFi.
    • Solution: Be sure to place your router in the most ideal place in your house so that the signal of the WiFi can spread in your house. But in case your home or office is too big for a single router then better buy another one or better yet, an extender.
  2. Interference by microwaves
    • Well, it’s really true that microwaves can really interfere with your WiFi signals at home so it’s better to place your routers away from microwaves or any devices that emits bands similar to microwaves. So how does it interfere with our WiFis? Well, the microwaves emits bands that are close to 2.4GHz which is also used in WiFis
    • Solution: Place your router away from the microwave
  3. Bandwidth Usage
    • If there are a lot of devices that are connected to your WiFi then expect that it can affect the speed of your internet and also the performance of the WiFi at your homes. If your router has been spending a lot of bandwidth to a single device because that device is watching a YouTube video or downloading a large file then expect that other users will have a poorer performance.
    • Solution: Get a better router than can suffice the needs and demands of the users at your place.
  4. Router
    • If you are already hopeless and your router is still not enough for your home then yes, a new router or extender at home would be nice.
    • Solution: GET A BETTER ROUTER!

Look guys, I’m not forcing you to buy a new router but in order to have a better and smoother WiFi experience at home then better get a router that can really reach almost all rooms at your home. In my case, I bought a router for my home because I don’t want to experience interruptions on my gaming and streaming at home.

So next time you experience a crappy WiFi connection at your home then better follow the solutions above and again, if you really want to experience a smooth and seamless WiFi connection at your home then better get a good router for your home.

But hey, it will be really nice if I can have the best WiFi solution at home for a full and uninterrupted WiFi experience. I mean, it would be really nice if I can have something that won’t give me a hassle or problems looking for the best WiFi solution at my home.


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