Some of us just spend our time watching the latest tech news (or probably my videos!) on YouTube during our break time, however, we know that watching videos consumes a lot of data but with Smart’s Video Timeout 10, you can now watch videos on YouTube without worrying about your mobile data because with Video Timeout 10, you can have unlimited data for 1 hour for YouTube for only P10.

This promo is really ideal for people who are just into watching YouTube videos during break times. This is ideal as you can use the promo on top of other promos so if you’re planning on watching a lot of videos on your break time, then you might want to use this promo to save mobile data.

And in case you just want to download videos for your long commute then that won’t be a problem too because you can download unlimited YouTube videos using this promo and then just watch it later.

If you want to subscribe to the promo, just text VIDEO10 to 9999. If you want to know more about the promo, just head to




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