Do you have any relatives outside the country? Well, here’s a good news for you guys because Globe is now offering us a new affordable calling service DUO international, which is now at $1 per month from $25. Yep, it is now cheaper to get connected with your loved ones abroad.

For the whole month of October, those subscribers who are using Duo International can save more if they call their loved ones here in the Philippines. This service will let you have a landline number in the chosen Duo International country which means that calling you with your international number would be much cheaper if they’re calling you from outside the country.

Subscriptions can be done at For those people who are in the US, Canada, Japan, Spain and UK, they can also purchase a DUO prepaid card at participating Filipino stores in those countries. For other Globe and TM subscribers, they could register via SMS by texting DUO (country code) 45 to 8888. Yep, it’s easy as that.


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