When you have so many circles of friends and you love to get connected to them every time, you will be pissed because some of them are on a different network. When we want to hear the voices of our love ones, I’m pretty sure that you want to hear their voices all day, all night. And in this generation, some people can’t live without Facebook so most of us logged in to our Facebook using our mobile phones and check out people and stalk them after. But admit it guys, it’s really a pain in the pocket to register to promos that will enable us to have unli calls and text plus access to Facebook. But thankfully, Globe introduced an all-new promo called Go Unli in which you can have Unlimited text to all networks, Unlimited calls to Globe/TM and unlimited access to Facebook on mobile for only P30 for a day. That’s pretty affordable right?.

So what’s so special about this promo? First of all EVERYBODY CAN REGISTER TO GLOBE’S GO UNLI. Yeah you won’t get those messages that’ll tell you that you can’t register to the promo due to the number of subscribers to that promo. Oh and I almost forgot! In Globe’s Go Unli, you can register easily and without hassle. 

This promo is just great. I can text my friends on all networks, I can call my friends and relatives all day, all night and I’ll have unlimited access to Facebook. So why in the world would I check my balance if this promo has unlimited text to other network? (Well you still need to check your balance if you call your friends who are on the other network). So why don’t you check out Globe Prepaid GO Unli right now? Just text UNLI30 to 8888 or just call *143# to register. I prefer to use the latter since it is much easier to register there. Well that’s not important to you guys, it’s just my personal choice hehe. Anyway Globe Prepaid Go Unli is available in other variants: GOUNLI80 for 3 days at P80, GOUNLI150 for 7 days at P150 or GOUNLI750 for 30 days

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