This Grand Theft auto IV modification allows you to have 10x ammo & bonus weapons

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In addition to increased max capacity: sledgehammer instead of basellabat(I’ll try to make an icon for it)
visibly stronger desert eagle+armorpiecing rounds
doubled weapon ranges(except shotguns)
increased sniper efficiency
customised expolsionfx.dat with better lighting and adjusted physics force for each effect AND THESE ADDED WEAPONS(detailed description in readme):
*pistol/nailgun hybrid with huge physics force per shot
*grenade launcher and ammunition(all can be used separatey), which:
create flame burst,explode on impact,create hydrant effect
*minugunM4 which is fast and has huge force and huge damage
*metalstorm – this is 80x faster mp5!
*ubershotty – twice more accurate, fast as M4

Version 0.92 – Download


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