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How to repair water damaged phones

Nokia has nothing to do with this post. Seriously.

This summer, probably a lot of you will spend and waste your time on the beaches and swimming pools and sometimes, we forgot our phones in our pockets and carelessly jump of the pool or just run into the beach. There are many cases regarding water damaged phones and most of them, well, Didn’t make it. Anyway, here is the instruction on how to revive your phone that has been damaged by water.

STEP 1: Damn it! Just don’t panic and remove the phone from being submerged in the water!.

STEP 2: Stop crying and immediately remove the sim card and battery if possible.

STEP 3: Remove all the accessories and peripherals on the phone.

STEP 4: Get a clean dry towel and wipe off your device with it. DO NOT USE a HAIR BLOWER or TISSUE PAPER. The water might be pushed further. Be sure to dry off your phone

STEP 5: Get a bowl or a bag and a bag rice and fill the bowl with rice (Be sure that the rice is uncooked)

STEP 6: Leave the phone, sim and the battery in the bowl overnight (Much better if you’ll leave that in the bowl for 2-3 days) and it will be better if you put this on a warmer place. Oh and it will be better if you will wrap it with a towel to absorb the moisture

STEP 7: If you feel that there are no moistures or water inside the phone then turn it on. If it works then you’re a lucky guy. If not, Sorry.


Q: Rice? DAFAQ?
A: Rice can absorb moistures.

Q: Does it work on other devices such as cameras?
A: Probably, Yes

Q: F*ck you Jam
A: Thank you

Next time, Be careful with your devices (Except when you’re a Xperia Active and Motorola Defy user). Remember guys, when you swim with your phones in your pocket, this guy will hack you to death

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