Vegeta, the first user of Google Project Glass

We all know in the distant future that we will see a device like what Vegeta from Dragon Ball has, a piece of glass that can make computations or whatever things that it can make. To make things short, just take a look on the picture of Vegeta above. FYI, the guys at Google already made it possible. Yes! that device is now being develop and tested by some guys at Google. Check out the preview of the Project glass that is being develop at Google.

Here’s a preview of the Project glass:

effin cool right?. Yes, that thing is real. Here, take a look on the device with a woman who just had a candid moment

The woman is pretty happy about that Project Glass

Oh and Sergey Brin of Google just wore those glasses on the public!. Well, we’re not quite sure if that thing really works but according to The verge, there’s a light emitting on that piece of glass to its eye so I think that the device is really working.

Yep that’s Sergey folks.

Oh and parodies of the Project Glass has also appeared on the internet too

According to Sergey, regarding the release of this awesome gadget. Well he just said that we need give Google some time. Anyway, Happy Easter buddies!

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Via The Verge
Via Wikipedia

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