Want to showcase your beautiful pair of kicks this holiday season? The new Cherry x Deerma Multi-function Shoe Dryer is for you!

Now that we’re having a taste of normalcy, it’s not wrong to flaunt your cool kicks every time you go outside. And to ensure that there’s no stopping you from wearing your favorite pair, get the new Cherry x Deerma Multi-function Shoe Dryer.

The device offers a hassle-free drying process through its four modes. These modes include Standard, Leather Shoes, Weak Wind, and Ozone.

Through these drying modes, users can keep their shoes at their finest quality.

In addition, it offers a deep drying capability through its retractable hose. Finally, the device comes with an anti-bacterial feature, helping users get rid of unwanted odor from their shoes.

The new Cherry x Deerma Multi-function Shoe Dryer is priced at only Php2,990. You can get yours at www.cherryshop.com.ph.


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