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New Tattoo iPad launched! #NewTattooiPad trends worldwide!

At the Exchange plaza at Makati

We love Georgina Wilson!. Oh I’m sorry. What I mean is WE love the new iPad! Last night Globe launched the new iPad powered by Tattoo at Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Makati City. Aside from the new iPad, they also revealed their new 7 ambassadors including Mark Macanas of Techpinas, Tim Yap and of course the very lovely, beautiful and gorgeous Georgina Wilson. The event was filled with different celebrities, Apple fanatics and of course the media and bloggers. And of course, I got to play with the new iPad for a little while. I’ve also got to try the Paper app on the new iPad thanks to Gian of Gadget Pilipinas.

Before I get down to the event, let’s talk about the new iPad. Just like Georgina Wilson, the new iPad is sexy and even though it’s thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, I still love the new iPad. (Oh and I barely noticed that it became thicker). Again, just like Georgina Wilson you’ll fall in love with the new iPad at first sight. The retina display is clear and beautiful just like the iPhone…..and Georgina Wilson. The new iPad has a dual core A5X processor which allows the iPad to run games and apps faster on the new iPad. So if you have a faster processor, you’ll have a fast and smooth browsing on the Safari browser. Yeah, we could seamlessly stalk Georgina Wilson’s Twitter and Facebook. Oh and the camera has been improved to 5 megapixel. It means that you can shoot clearer and nicer pictures with Georgina than the former iPad. Here are some pictures during the event:

Gian of Gadget Pilipinas play with his new iPad

Nice work Gian!


Globe Tattoo’s new Ambassadors

Tim Yap playing with the new iPad

You can get the new iPad via prepaid or postpaid at Plan 499 or the Plan 999 at Globe. To know more about it just check out the pricing and plans below.

Yes!, You can get the iPad + Cellular at 16, 32 and 64 GB variants at Globe. If you feel that 7.2mbps speed is too slow then you might want to upgrade it at minimal additional charges of P100, P150 and P200 which can boosts the speed up to 12 mbps, 15 mbps and 21 mbps respectively. If you want to get your hands addicted on the new iPad then check out Globe Tattoo’s website.
Oh and Congrats Globe! The hashtag #NewTattooiPad trends worldwide that night! Thanks globe 😉

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