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Nintendo Switch Lite is now hackable

While we do not condone piracy on this website, it’s interesting to know that the Nintendo Switch Lite has been hacked by the Team-Xecuter, the same guys who hacked the OG Nintendo Switch before and it’s now running on the SX OS 3.0 which lets you install homebrew applications on the device.

Team-Xecuter has stated that the method for this will be released early next year and they’ll charge for access to the information. With Homebrew, you’ll be able to install different applications on the game for some, you’ll be able to pirate games on the Nintendo Switch.

This is the first time that the Nintendo Switch Lite has been hacked as the first generation Nintendo Switch and also the newer Nintendo Switch has been hardware patched. The console runs on Nvidia Tegra processor which is why the Nintendo Switch was easily hacked before.

The method by Team-Xecuter will be released this 2020.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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