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Nokia Launches Nokia Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 in the Philippines

Last Friday, Nokia Philippines introduced their new Lumia lineup for the Philippine market. The current lineup now includes the whole slew of numbers starting from the 520 all the way up to 920. (Forming the poker equivalent of a Lumia straight). All of the Nokia Windows Phone 8 is finally here in the Philippines and all of them are available in Nokia stores. Yes, they launched the sexy, slim and chic Nokia Lumia 720 and the Nokia Lumia 520 for the budget minded folks. Nokia Lumia 920 was also seen and launched in the event. If anyone checked out my YouTube page then you might have seen the Nokia Lumia 920 Hands-on. I featured the Nokia Lumia 920 on my show. Anyway, if you want to know more about the Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 520 then check it out after the break!

Nokia Lumia 520

It’s the cheapest Windows Phone 8 in the Philippine market right now. It might be affordable but the Nokia Lumia 520 can still run your favorite Nokia apps and games as long as the RAM can handle it. The Nokia Lumia 520 is still fast just like its Windows Phone brothers but there are some things that you might now like about it like the lack of LED flash. But hey, the phone comes with Here maps. IMO, It’s the best navigational app. The Nokia Lumia 520 is available in different colors and it is now available with the SRP of PHP 7,990

Nokia Lumia 720

The Nokia Lumia is a midrange smartphone that packs a sexy slim profile and a lightweight body but still able to retain its long lasting battery and fast & fluid performance. The Nokia Lumia 720 also packs a 6.7 Megapixel BSI Camera which is great at low-light conditions. It isn’t as good as the Nokia Lumia 920 but it is still great at low light conditions. Another great thing about the Nokia Lumia 720 is the 2000 mAh battery that can last up to more than a day of average-heavy use. And yes, we featured the Nokia Lumia 720 last Saturday at the Big Time Show. I had the Nokia Lumia 720 for a week and I’ll post the review of it soon. The Nokia Lumia 720 has an SRP of P14,590.

Nokia Lumia 920

It’s the best Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia. I’ve been using this phone for weeks now and I’m quite happy with it. The Nokia Lumia 920 packs a 8.7 Megapixel Carl Zeiss PureView Camera (I don’t know which came first. the Pureview or the Carl Zeiss LOL) and it is the current flagship phone of Nokia! Watch for my full review of the phone here at JAM Online! It is now available for P24,950

Mr. Gary Chan with Jam

Why don’t you check out the nearest Nokia Stores and buy one? (Well of course, read our review first before buying!)

Thanks Alexei Rivera of The Technoclast for typing the first sentence of this article! hehe.
Thanks Nokia Philippines!

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