Many Online games were introduced this year in philippines such as Crazy Kart, Dekaron, GONG!, Grand Chase, Cabal & many other games which are not yet released but already announced by the game publishers. And Today, E-games announced that they will become the local distributor of Nostale….. More After the jump

E-games will be the local distributor of the game but the servers will be hosted by Korea.

Nostale is a 3D MMORPG which has a cartoonish design which very friendly to the kids. Its Graphics is like Ragnarok Online But with the blend of the 3D.

NosTale which means “the tale of he nomad of the silver spirit” and the game takes place in the continent of Eastmile. In the game you can choose from 5 different jobs which are Swordsman,Sorcerer,Specialist & Archer.

In the game, You can also get a piece of land there and make it as your home and you can train your nosmates in there and you can also make your friends visit your house.

The nosmates, To get a nosmates you will just hunt a monster and capture it and after that you can train them and make them help you when there is a battle and you can customize their equipments as well.

Anyway to know more about Nostale you can just visit their site at here

Here’s a in game Video of the game


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