I’ve search some CDs at my home. And I found this one, A Ragnarok: Amatsu Kunlun CD which is the Episode 6 of Ragnarok Online and at the present time, Ragnarok Online is at Episode 18 which is Demise Of morroc….more after the jump

I did not take a picture of its cover since my cousin write his name on the cover. Its been a long time since I played Ragnarok Online, If ‘m not mistaken my last time that I played Ragnarok Online was 2 years ago and I think It was Episode 11 and the last character that I made was a Blacksmith.

And after seeing this thing I started looking for some other old CDs such as MU, Ran, O2 Jam, Audition and RF online. But it was a failure. The only CD that is left is this.

By The way, Today is my birthday and I want to thank many people out there who always support me. I want to thank Rome for giving me this domain, Siege Malvar , Kending Kamias, Waukster for giving me a link love about the Nokia 97. (Sorry for those person that I didn’t mention, But still, I want to thank you =))

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