OPPO made a significant stride in the mobile industry with the launch of its Find N2 Flip, featuring the market’s largest cover screen at 3.26 inches. Then, it launches the Find N3 Flip, which once again sets the standard in the user’s overall experience by introducing enhancements in its latest flip smartphone.

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Vertical is Better

The development team at OPPO faced a pivotal choice while designing the Find N3 Flip: continue the race for the biggest cover screen or redefine the concept. They took a step back and conducted a thorough analysis to determine the cover screen that offers the most optimal user experience. The conclusion: “Vertical is Better.”

Selfies with No Crop

The vertical orientation of the Find N3 Flip’s cover screen aligns with the user’s daily smartphone screen use. When capturing selfies, users can see the complete preview without cropping. This orientation corresponds with the phone’s camera sensor, ensuring that the photos taken are a true reflection of what the user sees.

Compared to other products that have enlarged their cover screens horizontally, the vertical design of the Find N3 Flip provides a superior preview of more content. It empowers users to compose their shots more effectively and confidently.

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Bigger is Better

The vertical orientation of the Find N3 Flip complements the way most Android apps are designed to work on vertical screens, offering a more natural and intuitive experience. The larger screen real estate allows for the display of more information.

In comparison, the Find N3 Flip outperforms its counterparts by offering previews of more text messages and emails (e.g., Gmail) and showing more comprehensive conversation details (e.g., WhatsApp). Additionally, it can display complete social media posts (e.g., Twitter) including text and all four accompanying images, while other products can only show a portion of the text.

These efficiency disparities in daily use are a result of the unique vertical orientation rather than just screen size.

The Next-Level Cover Screen Experience

OPPO has collaborated with partners like Google to fine-tune the user experience for various apps to ensure optimal scaling on the cover screen. Out of the box, the Find N3 Flip supports dozens of popular apps on the cover screen. This includes Google apps such as Phone, Maps, Keep, and Gmail, along with other popular apps for social media, short videos, music streaming, food delivery, car-hailing, maps, online payments, and more.

Users can answer calls with Google Dial, play games with GameSnacks, book a ride with Grab, navigate using Google Maps, check social media posts, or reply to messages in apps like Telegram, all without having to open the phone.

OPPO plans to expand the list of supported apps on the Find N3 Flip’s cover screen through future software updates, promising users a next-level cover screen experience.

For more information and updates about the OPPO Find N3 Flip, visit the official website of OPPO Philippines at www.oppo.com.ph/ or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.


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