Smart has announced a new and powerful postpaid plan for as low as Php999 per month, its SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999.

SIM Only Signature Plans+


Smart’s new postpaid plan is a game-changer in the market. Subscribers to this plan enjoy an array of unlimited benefits:

  • Unli 5G: Experience blazing-fast 5G connectivity that unlocks the full potential of your devices.
  • Unli All-Net Calls: Stay connected with your loved ones and friends without worrying about the network.
  • Unli All-Net Landline Calls: Make calls to any landline network within the Philippines without limits.
  • Unli All-Net Texts: Send messages without constraints to any network in the country.
  • 20GB Open Access Data: Access the internet and your favorite apps with 20GB of open data.
Binge-Worthy Entertainment

Subscribers to the SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999 also receive a complimentary Netflix Mobile Plan subscription. This means unlimited access to a treasure trove of award-winning movies, series, and shows, ensuring endless entertainment for Smart users.

Users can also conveniently acquire their Smart Postpaid on eSIM through a hassle-free digital delivery. Here’s how:

  • Sign Up: Visit the Smart Online Store at and register for a new Smart SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999.
  • Receive Your eSIM: Smart will send your new eSIM to your email, providing a no-contact solution.
  • Activate and Enjoy: Once you receive your Smart Postpaid eSIM via email, scan the unique QR code, and unlock the limitless benefits it offers on the go.

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