OPPO’s Battery Health Engine has been acknowledged with the prestigious 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award, showing its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The international award recognizes OPPO’s dedication to green innovation and places the company alongside renowned brands such as General Motors, T-Mobile, and Cisco.

The SEAL Awards, which stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership Awards, celebrates organizations and individuals who contribute significantly to sustainability and develop innovative initiatives that positively impact the environment. OPPO’s Battery Health Engine’s recognition in the Sustainable Product category further solidifies the company’s international reputation for driving sustainability through technological advancements.

Getting to know OPPO’s Battery Health Engine

The Battery Health Engine, a system-level battery health solution developed by OPPO over a three-year period, has been instrumental in reducing battery-related issues associated with dead lithium. By minimizing loss in battery capacity over time, the Battery Health Engine extends the lifespan of OPPO smartphones, reducing electronic waste caused by frequently discarded batteries. Equipped with OPPO’s customized battery management chip, Smart Battery Health Algorithm, and Battery Healing Technology, the Battery Health Engine can maintain up to 80% of its original capacity after approximately 1,600 charge-discharge cycles, surpassing industry standards. This innovative technology has been featured in over ten OPPO smartphone products since its introduction in 2022, including the OPPO Find X5 series, improving user experiences and driving sustainability.

In addition to the SEAL Sustainable Product Award, OPPO has been recognized as one of the 10 Most Innovative Asia-Pacific Companies in 2023 by influential business media Fast Company, underscoring the company’s commitment to pioneering sustainability within the smartphone industry.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in OPPO’s product design and business operations. The company continues to explore new green innovations, as showcased at MWC 2023 with the introduction of the Zero-power Tag. This revolutionary communication device harnesses energy from the environment, eliminating the need for batteries. OPPO’s approach to product lifecycle management emphasizes the 3R+1D principles of reducing, reusing, recycling, and digitizing.

Through initiatives like the Battery Health Engine and product trade-in services, OPPO strives to extend product life cycles and minimize electronic waste. The company’s production facilities have undergone energy-saving upgrades, and establishing the OPPO AndesBrain IDC, a green data center, further reduces environmental impact.


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