If you read my previous post. I’ve already posted about the graphical issues in grand theft auto IV in PC and after that I posted about the GeForce Driver that may improve the performance of grand theft auto IV. While ATI will released their driver on December 10. And Rockstar announced the changes that we will expect on the next patch…..More After the jump

•A fix to the crash after legal screen that some German customers were reporting.
•Numerous improvements to the video editor: Smarter naming of videos, improved rendering quality, better fx during replays
•Fix to bowling while using certain sensitive mice
•Fix for ATI 1900 shadows
•Overall savings to memory
•Graphic improvements to particle systems and mirrors
•Multiplayer character settings are preserved
•Support for DirectInput controllers. Note: The current hack way of supporting these controllers may not work with the improved functionality. So we recommend you remove the hack before upgrading to the patch.


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