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Paying using Globe Rewards points experience

I always use my Globe Rewards for redeeming Unlimited text promos whenever I’m out of prepaid load. But did you know that you can redeem your Globe Rewards on selected merchants? Yes, you can do that now. I blogged about Globe Rewards and their partner merchants before. Basically, you can use your Globe Rewards points to purchase items on selected merchants. I’ve been curious with this promo so I tried buying some stuff on Bench since Jam Online will be the next big fashion blog (Hehe, kidding!). Check out my experience after the break.

It’s very easy to earn Globe Rewards Points. You’ll earn a Globe Rewards Points for every load that you make if you’re a Globe Prepaid user. But if you’re on Globe Postpaid, you can still earn points based on your billed amount. It’s easy, right? Sometimes, you won’t realize that you already have a lot Globe Rewards Points that you can already use on selected merchants.

On a Saturday afternoon, I checked my Globe Rewards points (By sending “BAL” to 4438) and I didn’t realize that I got a lot of Rewards points so I decided to visit Bench at Cash & Carry Makati to buy a shirt and a pair of jeans and of course, check out how the Globe Rewards really works.

Since I have more than 2000 Globe Rewards points and I don’t want to spend all of that on Bench, I just bought a pants and a collared shirt for P1425. And no, there’s no need to open the calculator app to convert your Globe Rewards points. The conversion is 1 point = 1 peso. It’s easy to buy items using Globe rewards because every Bench stores has a signage that will guide you how to use your Globe Rewards points to pay for the items that you want to buy. I told them that I’ll use my Globe Rewards points and they pointed the Globe Rewards signage and they guided me how to pay them using Globe Rewards points.

Step 1: Text BAL to 4438 to check your points
Step 2: BUY(space)<10-digit no. of cashier>(space)<points needed> to 4438

After the SMS was sent, the cashier checked their phone and voila! It’s already finish. Didn’t expect that the transaction would be that fast. A week after that, I bought a belt at a different Bench store and just like my first experience, it was fast and easy.

Actually, I still have some remaining Globe Rewards points and I can still spend that on Globe’s services or use it on other selected merchants like Enchanted Kingdom, Ayala Cinemas, Wendy’s, Figaro, Rose Pharmacy, and Sunglass Hut, PAL, and Petron.

The more you use your Globe Prepaid/Postpaid or TM, the more points you earn. Why don’t you check your Globe Rewards point? Maybe you can treat us at Figaro :). Since I still have Globe Rewards points on my Globe Prepaid, I’m thinking of filling up our car using Globe Rewards points at Petron.

If you want to know more about it, visit and to answer your FAQs. Check out this link: .

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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