PLDT Home is currently having a promo where you can get up to internet speeds of 50Mbps for only Php99 which is an add-on plan to your Plan 1699! This promo will last until January 31, 2021.

Since a lot of us are working at home, our internet usage is higher than ever and it has increased in most households and with the PLDT Home Super Speed Deals Promo, PLDT Home Fibr Subscribers will be able to upgrade their internet plans to the next higher plan and enjoy up to 300 Mbps faster internet speeds at home at a discounted price.

Those people who are PLDT Home Fibr 1699 and 1899 can add Php99 to their monthly subscription fee and get an additional 50Mbps while those people who are on Plan 2099, 2299, and 2399 can top up with Php149 to enjoy a 100Mbps speedboost while those people who are in Plan 2899, 3099 and 3299 can enjoy up to 150Mbps speed by adding Php199. Lastly, There’s the Plan 4099 and Plan 4299 in where you can upgrade to 300 Mbps by just adding Php249


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