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Ragnarok Origin intros Sigil Tablet update for Filipino players

Ragnarok Origin, the highly popular mobile MMORPG developed by Gravity, has exciting news for its Filipino player base. The game has unveiled its Sigil Tablet update, offering players a new level of customization and character enhancement. With the addition of powerful sigils that can be embedded onto stone tablets, players can now enjoy exciting bonus effects. This update is expected to enhance the gaming experience for Filipino Ragnarok Origin enthusiasts.

Unlocking the Tablet System: A New Level of Customization

To access the Tablet System, players must achieve a base level of 75. Upon completing a guide quest, the system will be unlocked, allowing players to acquire free sigils. The Tablet System offers various customization options, allowing players to embed active, job-exclusive, and passive sigils onto their tablets.

Diverse Sigil Types for Enhanced Gameplay

The sigils in the Tablet System have three categories, such as active sigils, job-exclusive sigils, and passive sigils. Each type offers unique benefits and gameplay enhancements, giving players various strategic options.

  • Active Sigils: These sigils provide additional skills for combat use. These have three categories: Primal Power, Descent of the Holy Light, and Excalibur. Players can access exclusive skills and unleash their power during battles by installing an active sigil. Each active sigil offers different skill boosts based on the color of the imprint.
  • Job Sigils: Exclusive to specific job classes, these sigils enhance particular skills. For example, the Aura Enchantment sigil boosts the buff duration and provides additional bonuses for Lord Knights.
  • Passive Sigils: Players can activate these sigils during battles, regardless of the player’s class. They provide unique effects to gain an advantage in combat. Examples include Endless Nightmare, Mayfly Guardian, Destiny’s Choice, Destiny’s Child, and Blessing of Courage. The effects of passive sigils vary depending on their rarity.
Unleashing the Power: Sigil Activation and Upgrade

Upon unlocking a sigil for the first time, players activate corresponding collection stats with a permanent effect. As players continue to unlock and upgrade sigils, they earn collection XP, which unlocks bonus stats and rewards. Maximizing the potential of sigils allows players to enjoy a wide range of bonuses and boosts.

Acquiring Sigils: Exploring, Purchasing, and Rewards

Players can get sigils and sigil shards through various means, including exploring the Juperos Ruins, earning Dungeon Leaderboard rewards, and purchasing random sigil boxes from the Nyan Berry Shop and Diamond Shop. By delving into the depths of the Juperos Ruins and showcasing their might, players can acquire these valuable enhancements to strengthen their characters.

Juperos Ruins: Unleash Your Power in Intense Battles

The Juperos Ruins present an intense battlefield where players engage in 10-minute battles against powerful boss monsters. The goal is to deal as much damage as possible within the time limit to earn valuable rewards and scores. However, players must prepare for the increasing difficulty with each defeat, as bosses revive and offer greater challenges and rewards. Weekly rewards await those who achieve high rankings and emerge victorious.

Ragnarok encouraged players to join the official Discord community and follow the Facebook page to stay connected and informed about the latest events and updates in Ragnarok Origin. By engaging with fellow players and accessing official announcements, gamers can enhance their gaming experience and make the most of the Sigil Tablet update.

Download Ragnarok Origin now and enjoy the Sigil Tablet update here.

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