I just watch the live show and GM Vessago & GM Cydie announce that they already have the new patch and there will be no more Server Down.

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They announce that they have already the new patch. Since RFO-PH is late in terms of the patch, RFO-PH will have 2 patches and there will be Cyan MAU & Yellow MAU and also a new level cap which is Level 66 0%. Some of the changes & new things in Novus Rising are:

New armors for level 57, 60, 63 and 65 Armors and all of them are color white.
There will be no more jump siege kit bug
No more bug rank
Many bugs have been gone
You can make 3 characters with races in one account

About the dupe items, They are still contacting CCR on how to clean the dupe items and regulate the economy. But they also said that RF online is not 100% Crash & Hack Proof. I just can’t wait for the new patch to be release >_< For more information you can visit the site of RF online Philippines



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