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Should I buy the iPad Mini?

Should I buy the iPad Mini? That is the question. iPad mini was filled with mix impressions. Steve Jobs once said that 10” is the minimum size for the tablets but Apple just broke that word from their founder and former CEO this week. To refresh your memory, the iPad Mini has a 7.9” display and it is powered by A5 processor which can be found on the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. The starting price of the iPad mini is quite steep at $329 (that’s around PHP14,000-PHP15,000). The iPad Mini is much larger compared to most Android competitors but the question still remains. Should I buy the iPad?

There are a lot of things on why you should and shouldn’t buy the iPad. And here are some points that I think that you should know before buying the iPad. You might change your mind about the iPad Mini after reading this. Here are some of the negative things that you should know before buying the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is expensive.
There are a lot of other tablets that you can buy for a much lower price. Well, it doesn’t have the same screen size as the iPad Mini but those Android tablets are $100 cheaper than this tablet. The Google Nexus 7 has a quad-core processor and a 7” screen with a higher resolution and it lacks a rear camera but this tablet starts at $199 (That’s the 8GB variant). $250-$299 should’ve been a sweet spot for this baby. There are other alternative Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, Huawei Mediapad, Ainol tablets and many more. Oh and I almost forgot!, Windows RT tablets are coming to the market soon :).
A5 Processor + No Retina display
Those people who are already using an iPad 3 might be disappointed with the processor and the display. The A5 processor can be found on the iPhone 4s and the display might be a bit sucker than the iPad 3 but better than the iPad 2. Apple should’ve put an A5x processor inside. Oh and the iPad Mini is still at 4:3 ratio display. That sucks.
And here are the things that might want you to drool over the iPad Mini.
It’s more portable
Tablets are meant for portability and some people don’t want the Retina iPad because it doesn’t fit in their bags or purse.  The iPad mini is much portable, lighter and slimmer than its bigger brother. 
Apps + Games
Most iPad apps and games will work on the iPad mini thanks to the same 1024 x 768 resolution. Oh and I think, it will be more comfortable to play on this one since It has a smaller screen and thinner body. Well, a hands-on of the device could answer that question
If you ask me, well. Ughmmm. Well. I won’t buy the iPad mini. The price is too steep for me. I’ll rather buy an iPad 2 than this one since the iPad 2 has a larger screen. But like what I’ve said earlier, if you need an iPad that is much more portable and smaller then you have no choice but to get the iPad mini. No word on how much will it be in the Philippines and when will it be available on resellers.

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