Here’s an accessory that you’ll love to pair up with your Android phone — The Sony Live View. Why in the world would you love this device with a little display? Well because it’s not like the iPod nano that can just play music, The Sony Live view can connect to your Android 2.X device and it can easily update and view your latest notifications on facebook, twitter, play and navigate your playlist and read new messages by just taking a peek on the device. Unfortunately the device isn’t touchscreen. Instead, the black borders are a 4 way navigational touch sensitive controls. Oh and there’s two buttons at the top too. You can clip this device Anyway, this accessory is great for those people who are too lazy to get their phones out of their pocket.

Sony Live View Specifications
35.0 × 35.0 × 11.0 mm, 15.0 grams
1.3″ OLED Display
four-way touch-sensitive navigation controls

Sony Live View Review and Hands-on video

Sony Live View Price in the Philippines
This little device is already available at Widget City for P2,500.00

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