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Sony Xperia Ion now available at Widget City

So you think that the Sony Xperia S’ screen is too small for you? Here’s the Sony Xperia Ion with 4.7″ screen. Yeah, it’s not exclusive on the AT&T (A carrier in the US) anymore. Sony Xperia Ion’s hardware specifications is almost similar to it’s smaller brother, the Sony Xperia S. Yes folks, you’ll still get those 12 megapixel camera, those fancy bravia engine stuffs and that dual core Snapdragon processor except that the HD screen is now larger at 4.7″. Too bad, you won’t see that transparent bar thing in the bottom. Just the capacitive android buttons. Oh and yeah, the phone is still powered by Android 2.3 but the Android 4.0 upgrade will be arriving very very soon. Want one?, check out Widget City’s website and contact them to get a Sony Xperia Ion. Oh and this phone will cost you P24,900. 

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Jam Ancheta
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