Okay, There is a new DS in the town. The new Nintendo DSi. Well it has a tons of new cool features. Even though the website for DSi is in japanese lol. I search some blogs and websites about DSi even I have only little time since I had to make a video for our class. Anyway on the side, you can see the New nintendo DSi. It is now 12% thinner. It has a 2 cameras. The First camera can be seen there at the picture while the second camera can be found inside. The cameras are VGA and 0.3 megapixel respectively. Its one of the few new features of the DSi is the microSD slot. Does it mean we can now download games soon for DSi like in PSP lol?. Its display becomes larger too. The nintendo DS has only 3 inches while the new nintendo DSi has 3.25 inch screen. This thing can now also play music! cool! :P. too bad they already remove the GBA slot. It will retail for ¥18,900 (USD$180 I think it will be PHP10K+), and will be available in two colours, white and black. Anyway to know more about this thing just visit their site. Nintendo DSi is expected to release next year and November in japan.



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