First of all, I want to thank rome uy for helping me out yesterday. He help me on how to monetize and other things that I need to know about blogging. anyway here the reason on why did i transfer to blogspot?,here are some reasons:

1. I cannot upload images/videos/etc. at my Blog at

2. I cannot monetize at since that is a free domain

3. My domain at is very slow

4. I hate the hosting :))

5. has only few benefits so I choose blogspot

6. The auto installer of wordpress at my is only 2.5. And I hate to upgrade it anymore.

7. is sometimes down.

8. I just hate it. lol.

Anyway, this blog will be my personal blog and also a tech and game blog. I will update my blog on saturday or next week because I’m still busy right now. Anyway Bye Bye for now


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