Every mom has different needs and preferences, but when it comes to gifts, there’s something they all love getting from their loved ones: a home appliance that matches their house goals.

XTREME Appliances knows this very well, which is why it proudly announced that there is a perfect XTREME appliance for every kind of mother. To make this more exciting, consumers can get their wide range of amazing products for as low as Php995.


We all know the hassle of juggling multiple tasks at once. This is one of the main reasons why independent moms need to have an appliance that can make their daily routine a lot bearable and more comfortable.

  • XTREME Cool Combo Washer & Dryer – Php44,995
  • 6.0L XTREME Home Dishwasher – Php15,995
  • 20L XTREME Home Full Touch Microwave Oven – Php3,995
  • 1.0L XTREME Home Multi-cooker – Php2,495

Modern moms are the coolest! They always look for several ways to bond with their loved ones, including finding the best home appliances that offer both convenience and affordability. With these products, they can confidently do household chores with their children.

  • 50-inch XTREME Android TV – Php27,795
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Inverter Aircon – Php25,800
  • 50CM XTREME Home Gas Range – Php9,995
  • 6L XTREME Home Electric Pressure Cooker – Php3,895

It’s not easy to have the perfect work-life balance, most especially when you are a mom. So, why not treat them with an appliance that can be useful in every kind of challenge and pressure?

  • 40L XTREME Home Blue Convection Oven – Php8,995
  • 3.5L XTREME Home Digital Air Fryer – Php2,995
  • 1.50L XTREME Home Blender – Php1,695
  • XTREME Home “The Silencer” Electric Fan – Php2,995

Meanwhile, help first-time moms to adjust and adapt to their new roles by giving them appliances that can accompany them with their new big role.

  • 1.0HP XTREME Home Split Type Inverter Aircon – Php26,800
  • 1.8CU.FT XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator – Php5,495
  • XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser – Php6,995
  • 1.7L XTREME Home Electric Kettle – Php995
  • Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Php9,995

Interested? Head to XTREME Appliances’ official website, social media pages, and online stores to find more cool products for the lovely moms out there.


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