The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is one of the latest mid-range smartphones of Samsung and it’s the successor of the widely successful Samsung Galaxy A51. This time, we got a lot of new features, including a brand new processor inside and 5G. But how does the smartphone fare in our gaming experience? What are the things that I love with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G when it comes to gaming?

Reason #1: Ultrafast 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is one of the few mid-range smartphones to come with 5G connectivity. With this feature, you can get ultra-fast internet speed to download games and updates on the smartphone. But the more important thing for me with 5G is that I can get better latency when playing games. This means my smartphone can have faster and better pings than 4G and WiFi, so fewer lags and faster response times are essential to MOBA and FPS games.

Reason #2: 120Hz display is a gamechanger in gaming

One of the biggest advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G over other smartphones is that it comes with a high refresh rate with its 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ display. Usually, smartphones in the midrange segment either use a 90Hz panel or an IPS panel.

The 120Hz refresh rate gives a smoother and more responsive display perfect for games like Call of Duty: Mobile. This means that every touch on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G’s display would respond faster than other smartphones. Other games that support 120Hz include Ceres M and also Lara Croft Go. Once you play these games on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, you will feel how smooth the display is.

In addition, with the Super AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, not only do you get a faster refresh rate but you also get better and more vivid colors.

Reason #3: There’s a faster processor inside made for gaming

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A72, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G uses a different and more powerful processor. Inside the device is a Snapdragon 750G Octa-Core processor and it’s a big leap from its predecessor. In our benchmark with Antutu, I was able to get a score of 390,060, which is pretty great.

As for the gaming experience, I was able to run various heavy games on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the smartphone was fun, smooth, and lag-free. I also ran Mobile Legends with High graphics and with HFR mode on and everything was seamless and smooth.

I was able to play Call of Duty Mobile too, with high graphic settings and max frame rates. The gameplay was smooth even after 2 games of Battle Royale. There were no frame drops when while playing the game and the touchscreen was responsive which is why I can shoot faster and more accurately.

Genshin Impact is one of the most demanding smartphone games out there in the market and playing the game on the smartphone was fine. I’ve set the game to the lowest graphics settings with a maximum of 60 fps. I’ve noticed the frame rates were fluctuating but I was surprised that the game played out smooth most of the time.

I was actually surprised that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G chip inside this smartphone is really good in terms of gaming.

Reason #4: Long-lasting battery

One of the great things about the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is its large 4500mAh battery. It is large enough to play games for hours.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G combines the efficiency of the Snapdragon 750G 5G processor and the optimization of the One UI which gives an all-day battery experience. The smartphone also comes with a 25W Super Fast Charging in case it runs out of battery after a day of gaming.

Reason #5: Large memory for more games

These days, mobile games are getting bigger due to the capabilities of the smartphone. But I didn’t have a problem with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G since it comes with 256GB of internal storage. It means that even if I install a lot of games on the smartphone, I would still have a lot of memory left for my games.

Overall, it’s great for gaming

The cool thing about the games that I’ve played on the smartphone is that I’ve downloaded them all via 5G. I was able to download Genshin Impact in less than 5 minutes and the latency that I was getting on PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty were great.

Aside from that, it also has a 120Hz refresh rate on the Super AMOLED display. It not only has smooth gameplay but the colors are vivid. This also makes it really easy to notice the opponents in some of the FPS games. Lastly, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G processor is a really good chip as it not only offers pretty good performance, it also has good thermals too. Laying on the smartphone for a long time won’t really be a problem.

Whether you want a smartphone that you can use for your daily media consumption or for gaming, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G can satisfy both needs.

The Galaxy A52 5G is available at the Samsung Online Store and Authorized Stores nationwide for PHP 23,990 SRP. For more information, visit


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