I was surprise when I visited Yahoo! mobile using my cellular phone. The Yahoo! mobile page was very clean nice. But this mobile page takes a lot of KB to load since it uses a lot of images so beware, Use unlimited KB instead of per KB pricing.

It has a lot of new features now including the all in one E-mail. You can now connect your Windows live email, Gmail & your Y! mail but the new Yahoo mobile did not stop there because you can also connect your social networking accounts to your mobile like facebook and friendster and a lotsa more.

They also have now the “My interest” which works like a widget. You can add stocks, sports, weather and other stuffs that you like to put in there you can also remove all of those. BTW, this thing still has Yahoo Onesearch. If you wanna check it out, you may take a visit on your mobile phone by going at http://m.yahoo.com

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