E-games announced that zhu xian online’s Close beta will end at December 23 and the start of its open beta will be on December 28….

This holiday season will be the start of the journey to immortality. Zhu Xian online is the first chinese MMORPG of e-games. And the journey will start on december 28 2008 which is the Open beta while the close beta will end on December 23


Ivee Feria, Product Manager for ZX Online: Journey to Immortality, said that the game’s CBT will finish by December 23, 2008 and already has yielded positive feedback from players.

“The announcement of the OBT is quite timely because we have a long holiday period. Gamers will be able to indulge more in playing ZX Online: Journey to Immortality.”

Feria also said that the OBT will provide better gameplay experience, loading times and a more polished interface and dialogue. Unique features like full 3D pathing system, evolving pet , flying sword, Talisman and mount systems have also been improved. Likewise, the cooperative Quests and Missions have been expanded.

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