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ZTE showcases latest telecom innovations at ZTE Day 2024

ZTE Corporation, a global leader in integrated information and communication technology solutions, recently concluded its ZTE Day 2024 event in the Philippines. With the theme “Unfolding the Intelligent Future,” the exhibition featured a wide array of ICT products and solutions, including 5G wireless, transmission, fixed network, maintenance solutions, and terminals.

Mr Huang Lisheng CMO of ZTE SEA MKT Dept

Emphasis on Collaboration and Innovation

During the opening speech, Mr. Huang Lisheng, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, highlighted ZTE’s ongoing collaboration with Philippine operators. He focused on the importance of ICT infrastructure construction and the expansion of digital intelligence application scenarios. Mr. Lisheng reaffirmed ZTE’s commitment to providing a superior network experience for users in the Philippines.

“ZTE will continue to invest heavily in research and development in ‘connectivity and computing power’ technology, continuously innovating core technologies to maintain our leading position in key products,” said Mr. Lisheng.

ZTE Day 2024 included sessions on global technology trends, covering topics such as RAN superior efficiency, terabit-era transport networks, FTTx evolution, extensive computing infrastructure, green site and green energy, intelligent modular data centers, and new smart home solutions. These sessions aimed to provide insights into the future of telecommunications and the potential advancements in the industry.

ZTE Day Group Photo with DITO

Support for Local Telcos

At the event, ZTE showcased its latest technologies and solutions specifically designed for DITO Telecommunity. The company expressed its commitment to supporting DITO’s efforts to enhance its brand value and improve network performance.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of DITO Telecommunity, acknowledged ZTE’s role in DITO’s recent achievements. He mentioned that the collaborative efforts with ZTE have contributed significantly to DITO being recognized as the number one mobile network in the Philippines.

“Working hand in hand with ZTE, we can leverage the latest technical advancements to deliver smooth connectivity to our subscribers. Looking ahead, the opportunities for collaboration between DITO and ZTE are boundless,” said Mr. Santiago. He emphasized the goal of providing seamless and intelligent connectivity to every individual in the Philippines, regardless of location or background.

What’s Next…

ZTE’s focus on innovation and customer satisfaction drives its commitment to shaping the future of telecommunications. Through advanced technologies, strategic partnerships, and exceptional service, ZTE aims to enhance the digital life experience for people in the Philippines. Strengthening its collaboration with DITO, ZTE is also poised to explore new technologies and solutions, ensuring a robust and efficient network for all users.

Moreover, b fostering such partnerships and continuously investing in technological advancements, ZTE is set to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the telecom industry in the Philippines. The company’s efforts are geared towards creating a connected future where technology enriches lives and empowers individuals in the digital age.

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Ciara Alarcon
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