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Eplayment launches PIXEL Loot Fair

Eplayment announced its first-ever PIXEL Loot Fair, scheduled for June 1-2, 2024, at Estancia Mall in Pasig City.

PIXEL Loot Fair is designed to help emerging content creators manage their content and social media accounts. It also aims to enhance monetization opportunities and build a strong community among fans and creators. In addition, the upcoming Loot Fair will serve as a significant step toward achieving these goals.

eplayment launches pixel loot fair

PIXEL Loot Fair: Event Details

The PIXEL Loot Fair will take place from June 1 to June 2, 2024, from 10 AM to 10 PM at Estancia Mall, Pasig City. This event combines elements of a convention and a conference, providing a space where creators and fans can connect and share ideas.

Meanwhile, Eplayment CEO Karlos Naidas emphasizes the potential for content creators to monetize their ideas and build a supportive community. “We hope that through this event, we can bring together creators and their fans so we can build a community and a safe space for creativity to thrive and be enjoyed,” Naidas stated.

Activities and Features at the Loot Fair

The PIXEL Loot Fair will feature a variety of engaging and educational activities for attendees:

  • PIXEL Creator Chats: On-stage interviews with PIXEL’s Partner Creators, providing an opportunity for fans and fellow creators to ask questions and win raffle prizes.
  • Merchant Booths: Visitors can use PIXEL’s donation feature as a valid mode of payment, ensuring a seamless transfer of funds between fans and creators.
  • Live Auction: Fans will have the chance to bid on partner creators’ most prized possessions, offering a unique way to acquire sentimental items from their favorite creators.
  • Cosplay Runway: An exciting showcase of talents, where creators display their personal branding and cosplaying skills on stage.

Popular creators such as AC Soriano, Kang Dupet, and Euleen Castro will also participate, offering fans a chance to engage with their favorite personalities and snag exclusive goodies.

Open Registration for All

Meanwhile, the PIXEL Loot Fair is open to everyone, encouraging fans, creators, and enthusiasts to join and participate. You can register here.

This event marks the beginning of Eplayment’s many creator-centric programs designed to support the community, foster relationships, and provide opportunities for aspiring creators.

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