Since the start of the quarantine, you’ve probably done quite a lot of things both in-game and IRL. Some of you might even try new games with friends. Ultimately, when you get bored you just watch Netflix or play your favorite game. Boredom is a major issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily we have 5 things that every gamer should do during the quarantine period.

1. CLEAN YOUR PC/LAPTOP and Peripherals

When was the last time you cleaned your PC? and when was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? If its more than six months then turn off your PC, open the side panels, and start cleaning it up. Depending on how much time you invest, you can clean your PC all the way through. Cleaning the dust filters and your fans are sufficient but going the extra mile of dusting almost everything as well replacing your thermal paste goes a long way. Tearing it down and reassembling it with better cable management is also a good challenge and it will surely give you nostalgia when you first built your PC.

Don’t forget about your peripherals. Let’s admit it, we eat in front of our PC and little crumbs and bits hide inside your keyboard. One good sign that you need to clean your keyboard is if you’re experiencing multiple inputs in one keystroke or if key actuation feels lighter than usual. Don’t forget to also rinse your keycaps in warm water to remove those sauce stains.


Time to free up some storage especially if you’re using an SSD. Check your downloads and documents folder and delete unnecessary files. To make thing easier, you can sort the contents of a folder according to size. Take the time to check each file, video and photo and get a good laugh at your old memes. Don’t forget to delete pictures and videos of your ex to free up some weight in your heart.

If you want a thorough software cleanup launch Disk Cleanup simply by typing it in your Windows search bar and select which drive you like to clean. It’s also good practice to uninstall outdated and unused programs via Windows control panel. Simply type appwiz.cpl in the search bar and type enter. Take this time to also update all of your software to the latest versions so that you won’t be bothered in the near future.

3. Overclock your PC

Overclocking is a way to squeeze more performance from your machine without spending a few bucks.  Overclocking is now easy compared to previous generations where custom BIOS, heavy cooling a fire extinguisher were required. Fast forward to today and overclocking is as easy as clicking one button. AI software can easily boost your system’s clock speed but it does come with some flaws. Most overclocking software applies too much voltage for an incremental speed increase which results in higher heat output. Adjusting the voltage manually will have you a few degrees and a few watts on your overall system load.

You must have a “K” series Intel CPU for you to be overclocked. Non-K CPU models won’t let you adjust the core multiplier which is needed in overclocking. On the other hand, most if not all AMD CPUs are overclockable. Just be sure that you have enough cooling and PSU headroom for the additional temps and power consumption.

Overclocking your graphics card is a piece of cake and requires less intimate tuning than CPUs.

4. Undervolt your PC

Overclocking is tuning up both core clocks and voltage to boost your PC’s performance. Undervolting, on the other hand, turns down your voltage to the lowest possible value without downclocking your current core frequency. Undervolting allows the lowest temps possible resulting in a very power efficient system. Having lower temps allows your CPU to maintain a higher clock speed for a longer duration. Undervolting is common on laptops as it gets the most benefit compared to PCs. We recommend using Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility in tuning your system.

5. Rake Up Achievements and Customize your Profile

This might be the most boring thing listed in this article but it’s the most personal thing you can do. Completing tasks also grants you EXP for your steam profile and awards you badges. Getting higher levels in steam unlocks different showcase materials for you to display on your profile. Linking your profile with different platforms(such as and Twitch) benefits you with rewards, security, and even ease of access. You can even go the extra mile and do your own artwork or commission someone for artwork to make your own unique profile.

If you think we missed something interesting to do, feel free to tell us in the comments section. Now get to work!


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