A few weeks ago, I’ve shared with you an app called Shopee in my blog, it’s the newest mobile marketplace app to hit the country and, of course, I’ve given Shopee a try. You can try out Shopee via their app which are available on the Play Store and the App Store. Shopee is really designed for mobile, the interface is really user-friendly and it is really easy to navigate and understand at first use.




Whether you’re planning on buying and selling items, Shopee is the app for you because the newly updated Shopee not only offers different categories now, but you can also search for items using hashtags. Plus, the process for buying and selling is really fast.




So recently, I went back to my man cave and checked out the things that I can sell at Shopee.  I immediately took some photos of these products that I will sell at Shopee. Actually, you can even import photos from your gallery or Instagram and use those picture to sell your items on Shopee.




One of the tips that I can give you when you’re selling an item is to make your product photos attractive, so that buyers will notice your listing on Shopee. The app has a built-in cropping tool and filters to make sure that you have awesome photos of the products that you’re selling. After editing your photos on Shopee, you now have to fill in the required information and that’s it! Your listing is now posted on Shopee and you will be prompted if you want to share it online .


One of the things that I like at Shopee is that you’re guaranteed that you’ll receive your payment if you’re a seller, and you’ll be sure that you’ll receive the payment if you’re a buyer.  Their listings are pretty awesome


I also posted some items at Shopee and if you’re interested on checking them out, you can visit my shop at this link: http://shopee.ph/jamancheta?utm_source=OrganicA&utm_medium=OrganicA&utm_campaign=external_sh_blog_20151113_bloggershop_jamonline


Check out Shopee now by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store here: shopee.ph/download. You can also get a P250 discount with my code: JAM250!




  1. Nice article. Shopee is becoming popular. I’ves discovered shopee and http://www.goods.ph when i looked for lazada alternative. I think this website can be better alternative for lazada in terms of items and prices.


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