Are you a Smart subscriber and you love eating at McDonald’s just like me? If that’s a yes then you might be happy with this news because Smart Prepaid and McDonald’s recently had a partnership in where you can get free coupon of Super Messaging 10 which gives Smart Prepaid subscribers a whole day of unlimited texting and unlimited access to mobile chat apps.


So how do you get a free coupon? It’s easy. So whenever you go to McDonald’s and order any Breakfast Value Meal, Burger Value Meal, Chicken Value Meal, and the affordable McSaver Meal, just add any Everyday McSavers item like regular fries or sundae and you’ll get a free Super Messaging 10 coupon.


To redeem the free Super Messaging 10 Coupon, simply text Super10<space><coupon code> to 6236 and then Smart will notify you that you’ve successfully registered Super10.


If you want to know more about this promo, head over to Smart’s website.


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