One of the games that we were able to try is Final Fantasy XV Comrades. It’s the newest game addition to the Final Fantasy XV and it will be available for free for those with a copy of Final Fantasy XV. Basically, you’ll be playing a created character and in our demo, we got to play with a soldier and also a Chocobo (I know! It’s cool!) The player that I got different weapons. It has a shield, spear, a sword, and even a crossbow. Our experience is just limited as we are only able to experience a single quest in where we must escort the truck to safety and kill the enemies that will be on the way.

The battle gameplay experience of Final Fantasy XV is one of the things that I love in the game and with Final Fantasy XV Comrades, you’ll be playing with your friends which is more fun the experience is still dull to me. The gameplay is very much similar to Final Fantasy XV Single Player mode but this time, you’ll be playing with your friends. The game lacks excitement and it’s pretty dull to me. I wish that I was wrong. Again, we just played the demo at TGS 2017 and it was just a single quest but hey, at least you got this expansion for free.

Our TGS 2017 Coverage is co-sponsored by PLDT Home Fibr and Smart World.


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