The trailer of Spectre has been released today and it seems that the movie in the 007 series is darker as it unveils the dark secrets of James Bond past. Spectre stars Daniel Craig a James Bond and Christopher Waltz as Franz Obenhauser, the main antagonist. The movie will also feature Dave Bautista best known as Batista in WWE.


Here’s an interesting fact about the Obenhauser. Christopher Waltz’s character, Franz Obenhauser shares his name with Hannes Obenhauser which is a background character in Octopussy. Hannes Obenhauser was a father figure to James and Hannes played a big part in James Bond’s life and in Spectre, Franz Obenhauser might’ve been Bond’s guardian in the past too.


Spectre is expected to be shown in cinemas on November 6, 2015


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