I’ve been looking for a new laptop bag last week at SM Makati. And I’ve came across to case logic bags at the department store. I notice it immediately because of the 10% discount and the bag is specifically made for 13.3″ Macbook Pro and 10-14.1 inch laptops. The bag looks good, it is made of nylon and just the perfect size for my laptop.

It has an attachable shoulder strap with pad so it really feels comfortable when I carry it on my shoulder. The pockets of the bag was separated by soft pads that’s why you’ll feel safe when your laptop is inside the bag. The bag is so slim too, some people won’t even notice that you have a laptop inside. There are also some pockets that you can put your external hard drive, cameras and more. If you have a mobile broadband, you might like the USB Drive Pocket.

The USB pocket

I put my External Hard disk in there

Case Logic’s Logo in the Nylon Fabric 
All of this fits on my bag
If you always have a lot of gadgets in your bag (especially when you’re a techie guy) you might like this bag. This laptop bag will only cost you P1800.00. A great deal =)


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