Developers will be excited for this one. If you develop apps or games for the Series 40 platform then you should read this post. Nokia invites you to join their contest, create 4 millions where you can get a chance to win one million euros.
If you feel that the rest of the world is too good and hard to compete with then you might consider this; Nokia is giving those local developers a chance to win some prizes. Nokia also has a local competition for the following categories and prizes:

·         Best S40 Java app                                                – Php 50,000
·         Best S40 Java game                                              – Php 50,000
·         Best S40 Web app                                                – Php 50,000
·         Most downloaded S40 Java app by Nov 30             – Php 75,000
·         Most downloaded S40 Java game by Nov 30          – Php 75,000
·         Most downloaded S40 Web app by Nov 30             – Php 75,000

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