Are you a proud plantito or plantita?

If yes, you must have heard a couple of myths about planting. With this, CHERRY shared the top three things you might have encountered but should NOT believe.

Putting gravel in pots helps in drainage

Contrary to common belief, gravel doesn’t actually improve drainage. In fact, the roots would only have to suffer through exposure to waterlogged soil, which isn’t exactly healthy for your plants. So instead of adding an extra layer of rocks, you can use paper towel to prevent soil from coming out of your pot’s drainage hole.

Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering

Leaves turn yellow for several reasons, including not watering your plant enough, overexposure to sunlight, and temperature changes. It is important not to immediately rule out the possible causes so you can adequately address the problem and bring back your plant’s healthy and vibrant color.

Wilting plants need to be watered

Before you drown your poor plant, try to assess the condition of the soil first. If the soil is relatively moist, your plant must be wilting for other reasons like pests or indecent exposure to sunlight.


The new Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box allows plantitos and plantitas to look over their seedlings through the Cherry Home app. Then, the device does all the work for them.

Cherry equipped it with LED lights that function as alternative sunlight with three light levels—morning, afternoon, and sundown. Meanwhile, it also has built-in water and pumps to keep your plants adequately hydrated. Both features can be scheduled through the application. If you’ve been too busy to check on your plants, you can assure that they’d still be grown in a fitting environment as this product is outfitted with advanced water-level, temperature, and humidity sensors.

The new Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box is available at a discounted price of just Php6,399.20 from Php7,999. Promo runs until August 31.

So, are you getting one?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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