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Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Review

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X has been out for a while. It is the most affordable smartphone in the Cherry Mobile Cosmos family. The 18 MP rear camera and the 8 MP front camera can be already found on some other local branded smartphones but there’s one thing that set this smartphone apart from other local brands, and that’s the HD Super AMOLED screen. If you’re a Samsung user, there’s a big probability that you’ve heard of this display. The HD Super AMOLED screen is present on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Since we already have a nice camera and a vivid display, why don’t you check out its quality and how the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X fares in my review?


The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X’s body is made up of plastic. It’s incredibly thin and light. I didn’t expect that a quad-core smartphone from Cherry Mobile would be that thin and light but I was a little bit annoyed with the bump at the back to give way to the 18 Megapixel Rear camera of Cherry Mobile Cosmos X. The construction was pretty solid and nice. Actually, I dropped my Cherry Mobile Cosmos X on a concrete floor two times (Approximately at 3 feet) and I only got a dent and it is still working fine on me.

One thing that I like about the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is that it includes a free back cover and a flip cover. (I got the black one and there’s a free red back cover). They included a flip cover that sticks to the back cover. So you’ll have to choose which back cover that you want to stick with the flip cover.

The display of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is one of its main strengths. The 4.7” display of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is a HD Super AMOLED which can be also found on the recent flagship Samsung devices. The colors on the HD Super AMOLED display is remarkable and the sunlight legibility was great. Actually, one of my favorite displays is the HD Super AMOLED. It is also protected by the Gorilla Glass 2, so you don’t have to worry about scratches. Actually, I have a video in where I had a scratch test with the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X has all the connectivities that you need except NFC and LTE. Yep, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X supports HSPA+. If you’re wondering why are there no local branded phones that supports LTE, it’s because the Quad-Core MT6589 processor doesn’t support it yet. But don’t worry, HSPA+ is already enough for mobile browsing :). Inside the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is a 4 GB internal memory but you can only use a half of it that’s why it is recommended for you to buy a MicroSD card for your apps and games.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X might have a 4.7” HD Super AMOLED and a Quad-Core MediaTek processor but the phone packs only a 1800mAh juice inside. It’s quite disappointing and it only manage up to half a day on my average-heavy use. I strongly suggest that you bring a power bank or a charger with you especially when you’re into gaming or when your mobile data is always on.  Don’t worry about the flower-like design speaker grill at the rear of the device because the audio quality of the phone fared well.

At the back, there’s the dual-sim card slot, you’ll find it strange at first because one of the slots is for the mini sim while the other one is for the micro sim. The 3G only supports one of those sim and that’s the mini sim. So if you’re planning on switching micro sim to your other phones, you must be aware that the micro sim card slot doesn’t support 3G/3.5G. But don’t worry, you could still fit in that mini sim on the micro sim as long as you have that jacket for the mini sim slot.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X doesn’t pack TV inside but it has FM radio. It’s very rare for a quad-core smartphone to have a TV inside it. Oh and before I forgot, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X supports Miracast Wireless display. In order to do that you still need to have a receiver of the Miracast wireless display which is very rare to find.

All of the these Cosmos phones are running on Android 4.2. That’s why you have the ability to put widgets on the lock screen. Thanks to the 1.2 GHz Quad-Core MediaTek MTK6589 and 1 GB RAM inside the phone, I didn’t experience any lags or slowdowns. I like the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X because they only included a few apps that won’t be needed. There’s an OTA software update too so you don’t need to go to the Cherry Mobile Stores or kiosk just to have it updated.

Some of the included apps that I like in the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X are the Compass, Mobo Player and Movie studio. The Mobo player can do a pop up play like feature. Yep, There’s a small window for your video and you can play videos even when you’re texting or browsing the web. And speaking of pop up player, I also noticed that the phone got some genes from the Samsung Galaxy phones. Why? Because the ringtones and the SFX were mostly came from the Samsung Galaxy. But thankfully, the Touchwiz UI wasn’t there.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X performed really well thanks to the 1.2 GHz Quad-Core MediaTek processor and the 1 GB RAM. I tried a lot of games like Gangstar: Vegas on medium-high settings and it was fast and smooth. I wasn’t able to maxed out the settings on some 3D-heavy games on the phone. But still, I believe that the phone can play almost all of the latest games on Android right now. In the Antutu benchmark, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X fared pretty well. The Cosmos X got a score of 13448. Not bad for a Quad-Core MediaTek smartphone.

All of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos phones packs an 18 megapixel camera which are all interpolated1.   The camera quality is a little bit disappointing at first, but after the first update of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X, the image quality has improved. But I would still recommend you guys to use Camera360 or any other 3rd party camera app to have a more sharper and decent images.

One thing that I like in the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is the presence of the camera button at the side. It can be also use as a shortcut to the camera app. The camera app wasn’t disappointing at all but sometimes, I experience some bugs and I have to exit the app. The camera app has the ability to shoot HDR, Panorama and Smile shots. Not bad, right? It can also do continuous shots. You can download some of the full resolution shots that I took using the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X here:

I noticed that the shots tend to be darker especially when there’s no decent light. The LED flash doesn’t help that much when the environment is really dark. But whenever there’s a decent light the images are good and sharp. The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X can also shoot 1080p videos but I always prefer 720p video to save a lot memory. Here’s a sample video that I took using the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X.
I noticed that the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X doesn’t took too much time to focus on an object. I love the Megapixel count of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X but still, I think the camera needs some improvements. But hey, every software updates improves the quality of the images. I love to use the camera especially when I’m taking pictures of our notes on the whiteboard. Gone are the days of going near to the whiteboard to take the photos of those formulas that can make my nose bleed.

All in all, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X was a great device. I love it. I let my friends play with the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X and all of them didn’t realized that it’s a local branded phone. All of them thought that the phone was made by some international brand. We all agree on the same thing: It’s a thin and light device. Not only that the device thin and light, but the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is a powerful smartphone. I also love the HD Super AMOLED of the Cosmos X but I was disappointed with its battery life and its camera. The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X is now available nationwide with a SRP of P9,999.


Q: Is it worth the price?
A: Hell yeah.

Q: Do I love the device?
A: Actually, this is my main phone right now.

Q: I have a cold hard P10,000 cash here. Should I get the Cosmos X?
A: Hell yes.


Thanks Cherry Mobile for the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X!

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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