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LG launches new monitors in the Philippines

LG Electronics Philippines (LG) has officially announced its 2021 line of monitors, allowing local consumers to improve their productivity through outstanding display features.

Through the launch, three impressive monitors were introduced in the country, including the UltraWide, UltraFine, and UltraGear. These new devices are packed with great offerings, designed thoughtfully for their target users.


The new UltraWide monitor features an extra-wide display with a 21:9 IPS screen. This also allows users to enjoy true color accuracy at wide angles, while it also offers 33% more screen space than a regular monitor.

Moreover, it has slim bezels, HDR10 support and is backed by up to 350 nits of brightness for better display experience.

For gamers, LG geared the UltraWide monitor with an AMD FreeSync technology that reduces the tearing difference between the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphic card’s frame rate.


Meanwhile, the UltraFine model comes with a flexible ergonomic stand that can suit users’ unique environmental preferences.

Also, LG boasted that its stand can help improve posture through its adjustability. It is expected to offer a customized workstation, too.

The device also features a realistic display and enhanced contrast and detail at wide angles. It also delivers 4K resolution and HDR features.


Moving on, the UltraGear comes with a 1ms IPS display with 99% sRGB. It also includes NVIDIA-tested and verified G-Sync compatible monitors to reduce screen tearing and minimize stutter for gaming.

In addition, it supports HDR-capable console and HDR-supported graphics card, allowing users to experience punchier brightness and highlights with deeper shadows and silhouettes.

LG UltraWide
  • 29-inch – Php15,099
  • 34-inch – Php19,899
  • 34-inch ERGO – Php39,999
  • 49-inch – Php77,399
LG UltraFine
  • 27-inch UHD (27UL550) – Php21,199
  • 27-inch UHD (27UL850) – Php30,299
  • 27-inch UHD (27UP850) – Php29,999
  • 27-inch UHD ERGO (27UN880) – Php30,499
  • 32-inch UHD ERGO (32UN880) – Php48,199
  • 32-inch UHD (32UN500) – Php31,399
LG UltraGear
  • 24-inch Semi-Gaming (24MP60G) – Php12,899
  • 27-inch Semi-Gaming (27MP60G) – Php13,999
  • 24-inch Gaming (24GN600) – Php12,699LG
  • 27-inch Gaming (27GL850) – Php27,999
  • 27-inch Gaming (27GP850) – Php28,999
  • 27-inch Gaming (27GN750) – Php23,699
  • 32-inch Gaming (32GN500) – Php20,199
  • 34-inch Gaming (34GL750) – Php34,299

LG’s new monitors are now available in all authorized dealers nationwide.

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree, Ciara started her career in tech, covering local & international events, reviewing the latest gadgets, writing tech lifestyle updates, and more.


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