The Nokia Lumia 800 w/ the Nokia Collection
A few days ago, I finally received the review unit of the most awaited phone of Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 800. As of this posting, the Nokia Lumia 800 hasn’t been release yet in the Philippines so it means that we’re one of the lucky guys to review and get a hands-on of it.

 Anyway, the Nokia Lumia is dubbed as the “first real windows phone” and I don’t have any idea why Stephen Elop said that. If the looks look familiar to you maybe you already saw the Meego OS equipped Nokia N9. It is currently available here in the Philippines and it just looks like the same with the Nokia Lumia 800. Both are made by polycarbonate so the feel is just the same with the Nokia N9. Too bad the Nokia Lumia 800 has a smaller screen compared to the Nokia N9. The Lumia has a 3.7″ while the latter has 3.9″ but both of them sports a Clearblack AMOLED display. In this display, the blacks are really black so you barely see the edges of the screen especially when you use the black theme on the Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7 Menu

the 8 megapixel camera

The device is run by a 1.4 ghz single core processor which is quite enough for a Windows Phone.  A Windows Phone 7 device doesn’t need a dual core processor in order to be fluid. The camera is powered by a 8 megaepixel Carl Zeiss camera and along with it is a dual LED flash too bad this phone doesn’t have a front facing camera for video call service. Anyway, if you want to have this phone but you don’t have a micro sim, I think you might want to cut it off or just buy one because this phone requires a Micro Sim just like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.
The look and the feel of this phone is just like the Nokia N9. There are only minor differences between the two like the screen size, some buttons, and a front facing camera. The 8 megapixel was great for a phone but the 720p video recording is kinda behind compared to the 1080p video recording of the iPhone 4s and some Android devices. But hey, our videos here at JAM Online are 720p at max!, we don’t use 1080p here!. The clearblack AMOLED display with curved gorilla glass was great, the colors are vivid and I can barely see the edges of the screen when the background is black. The 1.4 ghz processor with the 512 mb RAM is already enough for a Windows phone. It is already fast and smooth just like what I told you earlier. By the way, you can’t expand its memory but inside this phone is a 16 GB memory.
Overall, the Nokia Lumia 800 is great. Dual core processors is not needed on this because the phone is already fast and incredible. It is available in Cyan, Black and Magenta. But the question still remains. Can this revive the ailing Nokia?. Time will tell my friends.
Nokia Lumia 800 w/ the Samsung Galaxy S II

Zune, WP7’s music player

Xbox Live baby!

The Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 Hands-on video:

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